Bodhgaya Nihongo Class (Japanese Language & Culture study)

Bodhgaya Nihongo Class (Japanese Language & Culture study)

Admission open 

Classes start on 23rd Feb. 2018

Learning Japanese language by Native Japanese teacher & JLPT N1, N2, N3 qualified teachers.
Explanation will be in Hindi, English & Japanese.

N5 class : Monday,  Wednesday, Friday (morning)
N4 class : Monday,  Wednesday, Friday (morning)
N3 class : Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (morning)
N2 class : Monday,  Wednesday, Friday (afternoon)
N1 class : Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (afternoon)

3 hours / each class a day

2018 batch starts on 23rd Feb. 2018 to the end of Nov.2018.

Total hours of class : 219 hours / year

Result till now, 
JLPT N1 passed : 2 persons,
N2 passed : 2 persons,
N3 passed : 4 persons,
N4 passed : 7 persons,
N5 passed : 12 persons.

Especially, we focus on listening skill.

We also teach Japanese culture.

Inquiry for admission
please contact : Mr. Lalit Mohan Prasad
Phone : 8863012096 / 7070199168
E-mail : 
Class address : C/O Hotel Mahamaya Palace, Bakraur village, Near Sujata bridge, Bodhgaya, Gaya, Bihar, India

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