Teacher's day celebration at Bodhgaya Nihongo(Japanese) Class

5th September, I went to attend "Teacher's day celebration" to Surya Bharti School (run by NGO Children Aid) in the morning.

And, in the afternoon, I was supposed to attend "Teacher's day celebration" at an Institution in Gaya, but unfortunately, my younger daughter had high fever, so I had to postpone. 

And, in the evening, we had "Teacher's day celebration" at BNC(Bodhgaya Nihongo Class).

5 teachers and 5 cakes!

Thanks to all the students!

Forcing to eat pieces of cakes each other as usual!

Of course, we painted cream to cheeks!

All cakes disappeared soon! 

taking photo with Girl students.

We got gifts from the students.

Thank you so much!

And we had dance party with TITP students!

Everyone got exhausted after dancing! 

Otsukaresama deshita~!
It was so fun!

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